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Some of you may have taken a flyer from our stand at Pick Me Up or our recent Open Studios, or spotted the new section on our main website, but we can now properly announce that we will be running our first series of workshops in just a couple of weeks!

Over the years we have done a number of live demonstrations and one-off interactive events with our letterpress equipment, but we’ve frequently received requests for actual sessions in our studio. So next month we are starting to run some small workshops on evenings and weekends.

These first sessions will function primarily as an introduction to letterpress; its history, the essential principles and the basic techniques. We will then explain and demonstrate the workings of an Adana hand press and then produce a small project with the group using the Adana presses themselves.

The workshops will only be for up to three people at a time, as that is the maximum we can reasonably work with in our studio, and aimed at the complete novice. So whether you’re a graphic designer who wants to get their hands dirty, or someone who has never done anything print-related before but is interested in learning about letterpress, we’re happy to accommodate you.

These will not be open access workshops in which you are free to work on your own projects, so if you are more experienced with letterpress printing then these session may be too basic for you. However, if these introductory sessions are popular then we may start running more advanced sessions in the future.

Initially these will be taking place in our London studio in Cockpit Arts Holborn but we may also start running them in our Bognor Regis workshop too.

If this all sounds very exciting, then there is some more information on our main site plus the link to our external booking site where the first sessions are now available. If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Workshop Session 1 – Thursday 17th of July, 6pm – 9pm

Workshop Session 2 – Friday 18th of July, 6pm – 9pm

Workshop Session 3 – Saturday 19th of July, 11am – 2pm

Workshop Session 4 – Saturday 19th of July, 3pm – 6pm


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